Product Description

Skin cleansing product in the form of skin scrub and mask 3 in one. Helps remove old skin cells and replenish with new cells. Adjust skin tone to be even, reduce blemish and dark spots. Control skin oil which is the leading cause of acne. Makes skin more glowing, smooth, and moisturized. Gentle to all skin type even the most sensitive skin.

Expected result

-Adjust skin tone to be brighter with healthy looks.
-Reduce wrinkle and lines. Makes skin more firm.
-Help smoothen and soften skin for inviting touch.
-Reduce damage mark and dark spot or acne scar.
-Prevent new acne. Protect skin from anti-oxidant
-Replenish old damaged cell and nourish skin
-Remove dead skin
-Improve skin tone multiple level without hazardous substance
-Reveal difference in first try

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